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O.M.R.A. Mini Home Electric Tomato Milling Machine - (2500)
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O.M.R.A. Presents the Mini Tomato Milling Machine

Quick Facts:

  • Large hopper holds quarts of fruits/vegetables
  • Commercial grade quality/rust proof
  • Bypass peeling, coring, removing seeds (Mini does the work for you!)
  • O.M.R.A. authorized reseller

O.M.R.A. Mini Professional Tomato Milling Machine(2500) tomato squeezer has a 9 inch hopper with 4 quart capacity. It separates seeds, peel and all stringy parts from a variety of fruits and vegetables. It is ideal for the preparation of smooth, sweet tomato sauces, ketchup, vegetable purees, pie fillings, apple sauce, fruit and berry jams, marmalades and preserves. This is an ideal tomato milling machine and is perfect for home use. Limited 2 year warranty included, terms and conditions apply.

It combines rugged commercial-grade components with an attractive enclosed case design. The tomato squeezer features an optional meat grinding attachment (sold separately).

Words from our Pomodoro Residente Esperto di Premere “Resident tomato press expert”

“The O.M.R.A 2500 Tomato Milling Machine is a great home tomato miller that is constructed from light weight materials that is easily portable around your kitchen at home. O.M.R.A. offers a meat grinder attachment that is compatible with your motor unit.

The O.M.R.A 2500 tomato miller features a 1/3 horsepower motor and a cast aluminum tomato milling attachment. The O.M.R.A tomato miller features an oversized tomato hopper that is 8 and 1/2 inches in diameter and 4 and 1/4 inches deep. The tomato milling attachment measures in at 4 and 1/2 inches long and 2 inch in diameter at the base. This is a great sized tomato miller for home use.

During your first run on the O.M.R.A 2500 tomato milling machine you might have metal shavings due to the tomato feed spiral grinding on the tomato milling screen. This is due to the spiral forming a tight fit with the milling screen. We recommend that you use old tomatoes or wet bread during this first run. After the first run you will have to lubricate the tomato feed spiral and tomato milling screen with olive oil.

Assembly of the O.M.R.A. 2500 is a breeze. Screw the stabilizing foot on the milling attachment to its highest position. Place the gear coupler in the proper location on the tomato milling attachment and align the locking point on both of the tomato miller and motor unit. Insert the tomato miller and rotate upward.

The O.M.R.A 2500 tomato milling machine is a perfect fit for your home tomato and vegetable garden. This tomato miller will help you create a great crushed tomato that will compliment your recipes and canning needs. is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality tomato millers and canning accessories. We have a educated staff standing by to help you with whatever you need.”

O.M.R.A. Mini Professional Tomato Milling Machine Specifications
  • Tomato Squeezer Body Dimension: 2 1/2 inches
  • Stainless Steel: Hopper, Screen, Chute
  • Hopper Capacity: 9 inch diameter - 4 qt.
  • Body: Rust Proof Pressed Aluminum
  • Motor: 0.33Hp, 110v, 60 Hz
  • Production: 400 lbs per hour
  • Optional Meat Grinder Attachment

What does this mean to you?

All OMRA mills include free shipping (continental US only) and a 1 year consumer warranty.

Mini Tomato Milling Machine Operation

Each unit comes with a paper manual detailing assembly and cleaning instructions which is also linked to at the bottom of this description. In addition to this information, the O.M.R.A has detailed prep and process tips for tomato milling:

  • To begin, remove leaves and stems from tomatoes. Then place a handful of whole uncut* tomatoes in the top SP hopper (bowl). Before you turn your unit on, coat the spiral with olive oil, place one bowl beneath the screen chute to catch seeds and peels then add a second under the tip of the screen to collect the processed food.
  • Move the switch to position "I" to turn on the machine. Guide the tomatoes through the hopper using the supplied pusher. Maintain a healthy level of tomatoes in the hopper. Do not run on empty. If desired, run the processed tomatoes through a second time for full extraction of the tomato meat if necessary. The resulting product of this machine is a separation of the water and meat of a tomato from the skin and the seeds. With the resulting product you can preserve the tomato for later usage or create a tomato sauce by cooking the resulting produced product to a thicker consistency.

O.M.R.A. Manufacturer Info

O.M.R.A - A mark of excellence since 1956.All our products, though designed principally for domestic use, are in fact built with professional criteria. The choice of component parts and materials used in their construction make our products extremely functional, safe and reliable. They reflect the high quality that distinguishes them and that O.M.R.A. has forever strived to achieve. Purchase with confidence ONLY from Exclusive Features:
  • Regularly stocked item
  • 7 Day/Week User Support
  • Online instructional/informational videos
  • Source of thousands of recipes to use with your new tomato milling machine
  • is an O.M.R.A. authorized reseller
  • All parts available from upon request.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Mini Tomato Milling Machine

Do not run the machine empty. After usage wash all parts of the machine (consisting of 6 easy to disassemble parts) with water and mild detergent and dry thoroughly. Coat the metal pieces with olive oil prior to storage. The spiral is designed to scrape against the inside of the stainless metal screen, this is what allows the tomato to be trapped against the screen in an ever tightening spiral. Because the spiral is cast some imperfections will wear off during the first run in the form of metal shavings. Use stale bread with olive oil or older tomatoes with olive oil as a first run, discard the batch and clean the machine. Please read the product manual found linked at the bottom of the page for more details.

Mini Tomato Milling Machine Accessory Compatibilities

You can use this same machine as a meat grinder to produce quality fresh ground meat. We sell the attachment right here on so order yours today!

O.M.R.A. Guarantee

O.M.R.A. guarantees its products to be free of manufacturing defects and will replace any such part and/or labor required free of charge for a period of one year from date of purchase (90 days if used commercially)

Manual: 2400 2500
QB ID: 2500


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